Ancient Eastern Demon. Sealed by the late emperor with a blood seal during the Zhou Dynasty. Masterofballs was accidentally released from his prison under Tiananmen square in 1989.

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Favorite foods: Raw Donkey meat and rice wine.

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Contrast somewhere like which (currently) doesn’t have a monoculture of narrow political views

It also doesn’t have many post yet. They do alright. Does seem to be ran my pretty left of center but they are fair to all opinions. Which is all one can ask for.

I am curious as to why you say free speech would be better without anonymity.

The concept of free speech comes from the real world. Any man can go to the public square, stand on a bucket and say what ever he wants. He can scream about corrupt politicians, judges, laws. And people can come listen to him. That freedom keeps people from doing evil things. Eventually others will start screaming too. Then pitchforks, then things start to change.

That doesn’t translate into the digital space well.

  1. It’s easy to make 10 accounts and make it look like 10 people screaming in the square. This gives the allusion on consensus. (Which is a powerful tool btw. Humans seem to be hard wired to believe consensus). This is not possible without anonymity. One real person would map to one digital person.

  2. Feedback. A real person Cares about what other people think about them. A anonymous person doesn’t care because he can create a new identity tomorrow. If a real person screams a lie, no one will listen to him tomorrow. A anonymous person will just create a new identity and do it again.

  3. People who just make a anon accounts to post mean things on freespeech forums. And then if you ban them they scream censorship everywhere. If it was a real person they wouldn’t do that. They would reserve themselves to say something that really mattered to them.

  4. Bots

Yeah I don’t have it all figured out. I’m not happy with censorship so I want a very low censorship space. And if something offends me I can use the downvote/block feature and use communities where I don’t see that content. Its not perfect. People have multiple accounts.

Free speech would probably work best where there is no anonymity.

In the real world our speech is limited by our need to be accepted socially.

An alt-right trumpster fire.

It’s meant to be more of a freespeech instance than anything else and for what it is worth I am fairly anti alt-right myself but it too has a hard time maintaining a diverse ideological spectrum.

although I haven’t checked to see if they did).

I have a few times. see

and I’ll try to when ever I have time. I can’t work on this full time like this site’s admins.

We are actually antifascist at wolfballs. Just in a different way. (not antifa) I am libertarian and I try to offer a more freedom oriented approach which some find offensive. You are right it attracts extremist from time to time. I’m not perfect but I’ve stated on my own site we are very against Nazism.

I’ll see if I can convince them to shit post on my instance instead of ddosing you guys.

I’m sure I’ll be ddosed when election season comes.

Edit: actually those guys hate ancaps which is pretty much how I would define my instance.

Thanks for the hide community shout out! I’ll try to get around to doing ui changes if no one else does it. Busy till later this month.

How to make custom changes to a lemmy code base and deploy it to your instance. A video walk through.

Saw someone on github ask for a video on making changes to lemmy to edit their instance. I had a few minutes today and made a video. I hope someone finds this useful. …


Most never leave the United States so don’t have much to compare it to. But to be fair it’s a huge place. Also guns, steak , and big titties.

The ansible install just installs lemmy via docker-compose. All your files will be stored in,


The database files and pictures are stored in In a folder called Volumes.

To move lemmy you can just move that volumes directory. If you change domain names you’ll have to run some scripts on your data. I do this to run a production db locally. Changing all the references to the domain name to or what ever the new domain name is

I didn’t really make it to be right wing. I’m only slightly right of center. Its meant to be more of a freedom instance where speech is not policed heavily. Like the old “toxic” internet some people remember fondly. Basically xbox live chat on halo2. We have a communist community and I welcome and encourage anyone of any political leaning to wolfballs. Its just that most left leaning people have already found a home here, reddit, lemmygrad ect… So unless they just want to debate or troll they typically don’t come to wolfballs.

You can bet this 100% happens. Its cheaper to make competing products worse than to invest in features to Make your product better.

Its just a quick sum() on the post_like and comment_like tables anyways. Wouldn’t hurt performance unless you have a really huge instance. And then you could precalculate karma when it starts to bottleneck if its not already done somewhere.

One way to stop this is You can make your instance block new post or comments if they are under a certain age or karma or combination. Can be done with a quick and dirty psql insert trigger script .

Furthermore, for select clients, they sell these same but not marked as ads.

Pretty evil

Plenty of those are over weight as well. You really need to find someone who went from a body like the one you have to a body like the one you want and ask them what they did.

Nutrition science is full of some of the worst scientific papers ever. It’s all based on questionnaires asking people what they ate 10 years ago and pretending it is accurate.

Yeah I started Keto but eating lean meats like Chicken just made me not feel great. If you eat a really low carb diet you must eat lots of fat or you get rabbit sickness.

I’d recommend consulting with a doctor before any major diet change like this, raw milk can also be dangerous if you’re not careful

Most doctors will not recommend this diet. Most doctors are over weight and unhealthy. I recommend finding someone who has a healthy body and doesn’t use drugs and asking their opinion instead.

I have drank hundreds of gallons of raw milk. I drink a half a gallon a day and never once did it make me sick.

I ate nothing but fatty steak for a year. I also did sit ups , push-ups , and squats atleast every other day and came out the strongest, healthiest and leanest I have ever been in my life.

I did not get skurvy, I did not stop pooping, I also didn’t get sick at all.

I still eat almost exclusively meat 2 years later just occasionally add some fruit , honey, and raw milk.