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I’m making lemmur alongside @shilangyu

I like coding and video editing

bg art

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i think awards would be a good way for people to support independent instances

i think i’d be cute. tho i think they’d be more suitable for comments rather than posts

i have to strongly disagree. they do a lot of stuff that would be regarded as evil: making their devices as hard to repair as possible, fucking over independent developers, pushing their subscriptions inside of iOS (“get Apple Arcade/Music/TV Free for 3 Months!” with hopes that you forget about them charging your card). the bottom line is that privacy (or rather the perception of privacy) is their brand so they have to do things that reinforce it in minds of their users.

100% true, it’s so annoying when I sometimes want to buy from some burgers place and all of them look like they would dislocate my jaw

Turns out I was taught to use a hate symbol in school 🤯

i agree that blocking a community would be a very useful feature

i wish there was some kind of moderation feed where i could see all the posts from communities that i moderate, where i could mark them as seen. that way moderation would be much easier.

also ability to search in communities. or alternatively some kind of tag system for search, where i could specify search parameters, for example query like that “problem -c:lemmur” could search only in community !lemmur the phrase “problem”

but lacks a lot of QoL features

do you think you could elaborate on that? :) do you have any specific features in mind?

it kinda annoys me that there’s a lot of China/NK simps here. I mean it doesn’t bother me too much but it will definitely cripple the ability for this project to grow

please tell me you’re joking. how do you even go back to a code you wrote a year earlier?

i like any that doesnt involve me hitting - or _ since its really annoying to reach for that key. also visually i like camelCase the most

I wanted to post this image in a post discussing privacy respecting chat apps. Facebook was crushing the resolution so I wanted to link to it directly, but there was a surprise waiting for me :'( …