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Was that a couple weeks ago? He had someone on who was going on about how authoritarian China is. I wish Richard would have pushed back.

Just saw he’s gonna be on The Deprogram this week! He’s also on The Socialist Program once a week, which is a GREAT podcast.

Prof Wolff isn’t perfect but I rarely disagree with him. I listen to Economic Update every week still. Sometimes he has libs on though for some reason. I don’t want to use the phrase dumb down, but he is sort of reductive with some things.

Keep in mind support for Marxism/socialism/etc in the USA was pretty much nonexistent for a very long time. Co-ops, unions, etc are absolutely the best way to improve material conditions for the working class under capitalism. Unfortunately I think at this point in the US, the ruling class isn’t going to cede an inch without violent revolution.

I think he was actually the first Marxist I started listening to, so he’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Hopefully things start to go right for the people of El Salvador.

Hey to be fair most crypto bros are those things too.

Biden’s address to Putin

There’s a lot of factors that make this issue complex. On one hand, the role of automobiles has made (particularly Western) societies an illogically planned mess, forcing most residents to drive to businesses.

On the other hand, capitalists would definitely exploit a lack of ordinances and buy up all land in order to drive up prices…even worse than they do now.

I live in the Midwest in the USA. Even in high income areas, there are still tons of vacant buildings and even totally abandoned strip malls. It’s a mess. I feel like tons of land is wasted. We don’t need nearly as many retail buildings as we currently have.

It makes sense to have industrial areas separate from residential areas, but I feel like retail and residential should be combined more to reduce the need for travel.

What is the incentive for them to encourage these shootings? I know it’s happened or they’ve at least been aware, but wouldn’t they want to stop these shootings?

There was a city in Kansas recently that banned unrelated people from renting together.

This whole internet of things craze is nonsense. I don’t need my fucking microwave connected to the internet. Capital is out of good ideas.