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I wouldn’t tbh. You won’t get useful information, as JT discovered. I would avoid interacting with the FBI as much as possible.

I still see them saying HODL! and stuff. They won’t admit defeat until it’s all 0’s…which will be soon enough.

On a related note…I was on SSRIs for years and I’m convinced they don’t really work. They do have tons of real (very bad) side effects though.

I’ve heard that they do this with some of those customer service chat ‘bots’, too. They say they are autonomous but just use cheap labor.

I downloaded the app but then they banned Genzedong and I deleted it. I don’t have much interest.

To note: - All this bad news, stocks still surging. - Pelton CEO runs company into ground, instantly gets $25 million to sell RUGS?! Most rug stores I’ve seen IRL have gone out of business in like 2 months.

They also list OnlyFans.

Edit: not trying to badmouth OF, just probably not a great general social media site.

Man I keep trying to get into Mastodon. It’s very intimidating to new users. They need a good PR campaign or something.

I got fed up even before he took over.

Even principled Marxists can be pretty annoying on there. Some just spend their time arguing with libs or judging other Marxists even.

Idunno, most of that stuff just seems like a huge waste of time to me now. One day I was like 10 replies deep on some bs and realized taking a damn nap would be a more productive use of my time.

The less time I spend on social media, the happier I am. Except for Lemmygrad of course.

Whenever Lemmygrad is down I just sigh and say ‘the bourgeoisie at it again 🙄’

I couldn’t log in for like 5 days over the summer. I always just assume the issue will get fixed eventually.

That’s actually exactly where I heard about Nixon recently.

True. I don’t know how serious she was about it. Some politicians do mean well at some point but they all get corrupted under capitalism.

Even Nixon was well to the left of most Democrats on some issues. He was mostly evil, but some of his proposed policies were way better than anything the DNC talks about even now.

She’s the face of the failures of the Democratic Party over the last 20-30 years. I guess she tried to get single payer healthcare through in the 90s, but I don’t know of anything else remotely positive she’s done.

A vast majority of American politicians are outright scum though, I don’t even pay attention to the ins and outs of it anymore. It’s basically just like a reality show.

Not wrong, but some very alarming things going on in that display name/pfp.

I do see some people who struggle with it. One of my coworkers has a newborn and it’s hard for him to focus. We do still have on-site availability for people like him. Also, libraries can be a good place to work.

I was pleasantly surprised earlier this year. We had a department-wide meeting where they asked us what we missed about the office. Literally every single person (60+) said they loved working from home and didn’t want to go back to the office.

They want to control their employees. Also many of those pushing this are incompetent upper and middle management who secretly know they do absolutely nothing.

Plus there’s a huge push from segments of the ruling class because when people have to drive across the city twice a day, they consume more.

I laugh at anyone who still thinks this guy is any smarter than your average 12 year old Call of Duty addict.

I really wonder about some American television. Some of those sitcoms on CBS have to actually just be generated by AI.

My wife watches that shit. I’ve basically given up on tv and movies for now but I still catch glimpses every now and then.

At least I don’t have to worry about this. I live in the US and we don’t have passenger trains 😁

Reading suggestions/discussion community?
Hi everyone. I’m looking for some suggested reading (books or articles mainly. Although a video or podcast would be welcome as well) covering the following topics: - fall of the USSR. Specifically the last few years of the USSR and the capitalist restoration period afterwards. - History of Tibet leading up to the Chinese revolution. Also interested in US/CIA involvement in the decades after. - History just of the CPC. These don’t necessarily have to be Marxist analyses but it would be preferred. I just want to mainly avoid Western liberal bias. Also I looked for some reading group communities on Lemmygrad. I found a couple but they weren’t very active. Does anyone have any active reading and discussion groups they recommend? Thanks comrades!