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Just keep seeing clips from western chins watchers. Here’s a Reuters article: https://www.reuters.com/technology/foxconns-zhengzhou-plant-hit-by-fresh-worker-unrest-social-media-livestreams-2022-11-23/

But even this seems off. First paragraph says it’s over ultra harsh covid restrictions, but further down a worker complains about being bunked with someone who has covid.

What's up with these Foxconn strikes?
Only hearing about it from sources I wouldn't trust with a weather report. Anyone got some good places to follow what's happening? I gather it's some combination of unpaid wages and covid stuff

If I was still in my gaming glory days I’d probably care more. I don’t have enough time to hit the paywall

>And it uses facial-recognition technology in an effort to prevent users younger than 13 from signing up. >The company also says that it uses machine-learning to scan live streams in an effort to find bad behavior, and scans text messages to look for private information that users might be about to share unwittingly, such as phone numbers ... I have questions about this company

Was so weird how much mainstream hype those things got

Our iww branch had the PayPal account pulled like 8 years ago lol

I use freecad for General 3d modeling… piracy is always an option

Decent at tests; terrible at being in a classroom

Been wild seeing all these ‘independent’ hackers go after Russia. I really need to reevaluate that 2012 Snowden era

Just had my first want 2 or 3

Not really. I wasnt “cool” but I was decent at sports. In hindsight I wish I was a better friend to some people

Get rid of the 10 pages of ?=ahdjrbridisnwbsudhdbdjzisj at the end of every link next

Never heard of this website could be shitty don't @ me. Check out #RevolutionBlackedOut on twitter looks like some big crowds

Sorry it's just screenshots haven't found any articles about it yet ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/445d41aa-d9b2-465a-8dbb-e92caac4a1e0.jpeg)

I do active subscribed, then new, then all new

I dunno if it’s just a translation thing but I think the use of CNC in this article is kind of funny. Cnc isn’t really anything new at this point. I’ve probably spent years of my life staring at a spindle wondering why a robot wasn’t doing my job. Now that I’m at a place with automation it’s pretty great. A lot more engaging mentally than just repetitive load part push button. People tend to focus on the jobs lost but idk not every “good job” is a good use of human life

Tried to get into it last year because I was seeing so many… yeah I didn’t wanna roll those dice

Packing a lunch. It gets so expensive not too especially if you’re at a place where everyone does it. I’d rather grab a couple granola bars and a soda on the way out the door then buy lunch at this point even if I’m famished when I get home

If it gets to like $7/gallon I might have to take the bus that gets me to work late. Not really worth it till then