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There are people doing this IRL already.

While this is funny, I doubt it actually addresses the problem at hand.

Never heard of it. I stopped watching TV shows a few years ago in fact.

It even makes config backup and versioning easy.

I guess creation is not possible yet from mastodon since it does not support groups yet.

Maybe make a feature request in the software repository. I am also looking for this feature but could not find it.

Most of us here wouldnbe familiar with st Ignusious, so it is still funny.

Covid sure did speed up digitalization in many areas, even in public sectors. My country started digitalizing a large amount of documents and applications, like passport, ID, permits, and many aspect of administration. Things that took years in the past happens in the span of one or two years.

Form what I have read on a article, they are adding another cheaper plan with ads.

Intersting how media tryies to kill something with lame arguments.

Do they have their own crawler and indexers or do they rely on something else?

So now we may need to empower projects like YaCy, for P2P search or something decentralized.

Get job done, or die trying.

This combo is more common than we we want admit.

Did they provide any information about how their campagne was conducted?

If this is true, should hentai be a mutation in sexuwl preferences?

I don’t really get it.

Very Nice feature. I like how element and matrix are evolving. Features implemented are solid.

Any FOSS Subscription manager. Alternatives to Zuora and Chargebee.

Is there any FOSS to manage subscriptions? My particular need is to trigger an API call upon subscription to start the service, and then bill subscribers based on their usage. The service would report the usage to the subscription manager. …


What funny or memes oriented or generally interesting sublemmy community would you recommend?

I am looking for sublemmies I could follow that have no other target than entertainment, like eyebleach, PIC, hummm, dank memes, advice animals, battle station, amateurroomporn, natureismetal, pics of unusual birds, etc. Just nice, interesting and funny thinks to look at or read. …


Open posts in new window by default?

Is it possible, or planned to have posts open in a new window by default?..