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It won’t kill a majority of humanity.

We’re not sure about that. Climate change will make parts of the world unhabitable, and life/survival in the remaining habitable parts will be possible only for the rich.

They killed Aaron Swartz for trying to make it better.

This is a joke, right? Right?

I wonder what the SoC will be. Given the specs described in the article, I doubt it will be an Allwinner D1.

I used it shortly before it being abandoned by Ben Awad. There was very few people, and I never matched with anyone.

I saw this coming when they announced that they would release Thunderbird for Android.

  • Would they port their Gecko-based desktop codebase to Android? Of fucking course not; they can barely keep up with the desktop code, so maintaining a mobile port would be an abysmal task, given that requirements and constraints are very different.
  • Would they write a new client from scratch? No, not at all, as funding is very limited, and as far as I know, the project isn’t even developed by Mozilla anymore.

K-9 is probably the better free software Android client available, and it’s the one I use, so it’s the first thing that came to my mind. I thought they would simply fork it, but they decided to “acquire” it instead, which was surprising. I hope the original developer is still in charge, because I don’t expect the Thunderbird project to last too long.

Agreed, but we can’t have that opinion here in Lemmy. Either we defend China and Russia to death, or we are capitalistic, imperialistic US shills who work for the CIA/NSA.

No, it doesn’t matter who the founder is, as long as they make their intentions and goals clear since the beginning. When you talk about decentralization, you also talk about freedom; so steering away from freedom won’t help you.

Everything in TBD’s web5 is free software, because it’s the only way major browser developers will build your code into their products. And even if they were to close source their code, web5 ambitions can only be reached with an open standard. An open standard means community-led free software implementations can arise. In case you were wondering, web5 standard is not too complex, as far as it seems, so I don’t expect it to be an obstacle for implementations.

If you read the proposal, you’ll see there are tons of mechanisms in place to avoid centralization. There’s no point or incentive in practically owning the network, which is one of Dorsey’s main talking points and what makes web5 different from web3.

Now, web5 running atop Bitcoin is a no-no for me, so don’t take all of the above as an endorsement for web5, I’m just stating facts.

Most people in Lemmy will deny it and say the researchers were hired by the CIA to lie and disparage The Great Benevolent Nation. Others will be glad that the Great Benevolent Nation has their data.

Edit: downvotes are from people who believe I work for the CIA/NSA.

For members and people interested in The Satanic Temple. From their [website](https://thesatanictemple.com/pages/about-us): > We have publicly confronted hate groups, fought for the abolition of corporal punishment in public schools, applied for equal representation when religious installations are placed on public property, provided religious exemption and legal protection against laws that unscientifically restrict women's reproductive autonomy, exposed harmful pseudo-scientific practitioners in mental health care, organized clubs alongside other religious after-school clubs in schools besieged by proselytizing organizations, and engaged in other advocacy in accordance with our tenets.

You know what? I support RMS. Hate me if you will (final version)
Hello! I published here this article when it was still a draft, and received a lot of awesome feedback. I made a lot of corrections, and here is the final result. Thank you for your feedback!

You know what? I support RMS. Hate me if you will (public draft)
I ask you to read the whole article instead of going straight to the downvote, report or ban button. It is a public draft, I've been making a lot of improvements and corrections. I appreciate feedback and constructive dialog.

Original post: https://kawen.space/objects/65cd1c13-4d2e-460f-94eb-64ce1d9fb9a7

vutuv is a business network. Think of it as a fast, secure and less annoying open-source alternative for LinkedIn or XING.

I was looking for reasons to convince people why privacy is important, and why they should care. This article gave me one.

Alt text for images?
I don't see any option to add a caption for images. I think it's a must.

Alt text for images?
I don't see any option to add a caption for images. I think it's a must.

Any good free and open-source MathType alternative?
Hello! I've been searching for a while, and haven't found anything similar, that allows you to graphically write multiple equations in a notebook style. My teacher uses [MathType](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MathType) to solve equations in class, and that question always comes to my mind. Ideally something extremely simple, that also allows you to easily switch between "math" and "text" styles.

Control mouse and keyboard from the webbrowser of a smartphone (or any other device with a touchscreen). To take control open the displayed URL or scan the QR code. Supports Flatpak's RemoteDesktop portal (for Wayland), Windows and X11.