Windows is Malware

⚠️ Proprietary software is often MALWARE. It’s controlled by developers, which gives them power over users. They often abuse that power.

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name is private

quest: eradicate proprietary software/hardware and non-recyclable items from earth and mars

favorite color: pink

I backup some stuff to iCloud because Apple doesn’t allow other backup methods for iBads. I want to escape this jail!

I also backup with CryptPad

Books make us lonely too. But it’s ok to be lonely

Could be Reddit’s attempt to make Lemmy less appealing by adding spam to it

All 3 websites require proprietary javascript. Seems kinda fishy

Reddit is permanently banning my accounts again. I get a lot of discomfort from them finding my alt accounts. I think I will just fully switch to Lemmy this time. This place seems much safer