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Yes, i am extremelly confused by what he is constantly spouting about “setlers”. He knows that every american nation is a colony right? He also know that those same nations did the same thing the US did to the natives, till today, my country still is colonizing and destroying the lifes of the natives on the amazon region, and so are evry other latin american country with an native population. Mexico is an massive graveyard of natives, all brutally genocided, and so are the central american countries.

This saying that only the US population needs to be despised for being an imperialist setler population is american exceptionalism by itself, its basically saying that the US is more evil then others simply because it is the US, and because it is the US, it will never be able of changing. This is dumb, just because an country is an colony, it doesnt mean it cant become socialist, just because an country is imperialist, it doesnt mean it cant become socialist, thinking otherwise is thirdworldism, and even worse, its american exceptionalism; “because its the US” is american exceptionalism by itself, its like saying “the US is more ‘verb’ then any other place in the world, both on the past and on present, nothing can best the US at being ‘verb’, the US is the most ‘verb’ in the world” see what i am saying? Now put “evil” or “imperialist” or “capitalist” on the place of verb, and now put an positive verb, like “free”, democratic", “civilized”, or any other of those stupid things yankees love to jerk off about their country, see how it sounds? “The US is ‘verb’ simply because it is the US, and because it is the US, it will never change”, this is american exceptionalism, plain and simple, the US is at best, the most relevant and succesfull imperialist power TODAY, 90 years ago, if you asked on Europe, they would say nazi germany was the biggest imperialist, that it was an unfixable country, and would never become socialist, 15 years later, the GDR was born, this proves that even the worse of the worse of a country can be socialist, even something as nazi germany was able to be parcially fixed. And we need to remember, Marx passed most of his life on Britain and Germany, he was able to see the imperialism of both countries, and how britain was building the biggest empire in the world, and even then, he never thought “its impossible to fix GB because its an imperialist country, and therefore, its completelly evil and will never change”, lenin lived on the Russian empire, he was able to see very close how imperialism works, he writed a book about it, but he never sayed “Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Austria, Belgium, The US, The ottoman empire, those are all imperialist countries, they are the worse of the worse, they will never be socialist because of that, the minds of their people are unchangeable by propaganda, might give up as an revoluctionary them lol”.

On the cuban revolution, lots of the fighter where “lumpen ploretariat” most where in the fight for money, or for personal interests, but they where on it. Mao and Che Guevara have warned that on times of need, students and intellectuals are not able to work on an army, their jobs are intellectual, not phisical. An revoluctionary army is composed either by workers and defected military, or, in case of need, the lumpen ploretariat. It might be risky, and they are very able to backstabb the movement at certain points for their lack of class councioness, but they are able to fight and are probably the most radicalised class of all. You need to use what you can, to you want to use people not able to fight that cant face the life on the guerrila? Or do you want strong persons, able to use weapons and face actual danger? On most third world countries, the lumpen ploretariat can be found at the millions, my country is filled to death by them, most are people that where born without an chance on life, people that are born miserable, live on misery and die on it. They are the ones who need the most help from an socialist state. Do you want to refuse any help they can give just because they are “criminals”? All of those people ruined by capitalism are more then willing to fight for an better life, they just dont have any chances. And they are the ones with the most access to weapons, during the cuban revolution, they got most of their stuff (weapons, The Granna, equipment, fighters) from certain peoples that worked on the black market of it, they might be dangerous, but they can be dangerous for the burgeoise too.

The actuall biggest assholes on existance here on my country that i agree we should never even think on allying would be the “milicianos”, corrupt cops and playboys from rich districts that work with drugs, weapons, extortion of the poor classes, and even genocide of people on the favelas, they are the death squads of the burgeoisse, that work on they way they do for the sake of proffit, they get the wall.

During the 30s/40s the US was almost as rascist as the nazis, if you look at some of the war posters with mussolini, Tojo and Hitler, they would make Mussolini brown for some reason (i dont know how it happened but anglos and western europeans hardly even think of south europeans as actual europeans, there was even a lot of rascism against Italians that is alive even today, along with the rascism against latin americans, that are basically portuguese and spanish people), and of course there was the completelly grotesque and deshumanizing propaganda against the japanese, only the germans escaped from the rascism (hmmm i wonder why?). Oh but during the ww1 era, when the US was even more rascist, they also depicted german soldiers as “cultureless barbarians” and american soldiers specially hated germans and generally killed them on sight, even after they surrendered.

Talking about nazis, they haved awfully similar views with the americans when it was about race science, on the early stages of nazi germany they even thought latin people where “mediterraneans”, with could have easilly been used to demonize then like they did to slavs and jews, they only did not because they started sucking the dick of Franco, Salazar and mussolini because they haved no allies, only after the diplomacy with the latin countrys got better that they flipped the “mediterraneans” from “european black people” to “achtually they are just like us”, Yugoupnik made an exellent video dissecting the bs of the nazis.

Moral of the story: yankees are assholes, they are able to find ways of rascism that not even the nazis thought it would made sense, like bruh, how much whiter your cracker asses want me to be so you can shut the fuck up? I already have portuguese and italian blood on me, but it doesnt count for them i guess? Race science is the dumbest shit to ever exist since capitalism was born.

Holy fucking cringe, what happened to my country? How we went from giving Che Guevara our highest condecoration of honour to this?

I second this, i dont hate football as an sport, i actually like it a lot, but the “professional” side of it is awfull.

Sports that use massive ammounts of land and resources and create toxic teams around it. Football sucks and i will die on this hill, its an waste of land and creates some of the most obnoxious and toxic fanbases to ever exist, i speak this by self experience. Fuck FIFA.

Does anyone here have some trustfull info on Idi Amin?
I did watch some videos of his speeches, and i readed some info about him. He apparentelly was an Pan-africanist, friend of multiple arab and third world countries, including Cuba, was anti Israel, and anti-anglo hegemony. And then there is the Genocide that most people relate him with, where he supposedly orchestrated the genocide of over a million Tutsis, Twas and Hulus. I dont believe on literally anything that the western midia says about third world leaders anymore, they acused literally every single one of them that did go against the western hegemony, while at the same time they white washed dozens of cruel dictators they installed themselves on several countries. Does anyone got some trustfull info on Idi and his goverment that proves or disproves this supposedly genocide?

We are going to need an mega post eventually to dissect the absolute horrible shitshow that was this shooting.

Not an indigenous, but here in Brasil, and most of south america, the genocide against indigenous people was one of the worst. Brasil in specific was one of the countries with the most slaves in the world before slavery was abolished, more then half of our population is black or black descendant, most of the white people are not even natives from here, they are immigrants or descendants of european immigrants from the last 1 century and a half.

You can see that we are literally an massive melting pot of different etnies, but because literally everyone, except the indigenous people, are not from here, so we dont really have separatist movements, and movements based on race superiority (nazis) where not able of rooting in here even when we where the country with the second biggest ammounts of nazis, because surprisingly race superiority dont work in a country where you dont even have an base ethnicity, we are all brasillians here.

Unfortunatly while race superiority dont root, discrimination does, like in the US, our mass slavery roots still haunts us, indigenous and black people are mainly poor and suffer a lot of discrimination most of the times. It definitly got less worse through the years, but mainly the cops are the ones who do discrimination against black and indigenous people.

Lots of problems in my country are fault of capitalism itself, and the other half is because of the way the country was built, based on inequality, we are like an poor’s man USA.

Didnt kissinger himself say that he disaproved the US position in Ukraine?

Lets kill some fucking brown people: the movie

On one side, revoluctionary us would be nice, but chances are stagerring low, on the other side, accelerationism go brrrrrrr

Lets not forget the royal commonwealth, with means that the UK still own multiple countries because of the queen.

Capitalism shitting itself to death once again

The US does not exist in a world where World Wide peace has been achieved. Burn the anglo sphere to the ground, reject their predatorial, genocidal, anti culture, destructive mindset!

And they are also starving afghanistan to death now, millions are going to die of hunger because of US sanctions and embargos, most of them will be children. I bet they will throw all this death in the Taliban and say how evil and authoritarian they are so they can invade it a second time.

We have already, first, why the fuck you are taking anything Vox says in consideration? Second, the kulaks did that to themselves, imagine being so fucking petty you would preffer to BURN FOOD IN THE MIDDLE OF A FAMINE instead of giving half of it to the state? Third, the USSR haved 2 famines during this “holodomor” because of bad harvests and climate issues, not because of the colletivisation and industrialisation. Fourth, no serious country believes on this shit lol, if i remember well, there is like, just 20 countrys who thinks the Holodomor is real, compare that to the holocaust, who was an actual genocide that did happen and its univetsally recognized. Sixth, the holodomor was used by the extreme right winged people to demonize the USSR for decades, and it was the nazis who popularised it.

Holodomor is a wet nazi dream used to demonize the USSR and Stalin and victimise selfish kulaks who where incapable of showing some humanity in the middle of 2 famines.

They have one of the biggest economys on the World, and even if they dont admitt it, their army is on the top 10 strongest armys in the world. They are objectivly the most powerfull US puppet poscession. And honestly a lot more important then fucking turkey.

The goverment in Brasil is right wing, but they are so pathetic, disorganised, dumb, etc, that i dont give them a lot of credit. Israel is an US colony, not Turkey, and the only reason they still exist is because of the US, so if the US cuts the funds out of despair, Israel will eventually colapse. Hungary creating instability on the EU wouldnt be good for us? The EU sucks, is basically an way of the US to manipulate most of western europe, and i doubt Hungary will be the biggest factor on the eventual EU colapse. France, Germany, Uk, and some other important countries there are a lot more opressive then Russia, specially when its about protests. And why turkey? I know the president is an NATO simp asshole, but turkey as a whole is not as relevant as most balkan countries.

Really bad map, the right wing here in Brasil is pathetic and is on the verge of collapsing, hungary is a meme, anti-russia is cringe, turkey is not that relevant, isnt real is basically an US colony.

And the map is lacking A LOT of countries: western europe, japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Canada, Saudi Arabia, Australia, puppet goverments in Africa, and many others.

Agree, pt is not the only leftist party, i agree that we should vote on the most important members of PT, like Lula and Haddad, for the sake of unity, but the communist party deserves to have at least some participation.

I mean, by how easy it is for criminals to get arms here, the black market should be working well enough.

I was watching Inside job some days ago, and now im trying to finally give Rick and Morty an try, but in a matter of books and games, i have not seem a lot recently.

The fall of the USSR and its consequences have been the biggest humanitarian disaster of human history.

Che guevara last guerrila war on Bolivia, the entire thing was an enormous and tragic disaster from the beggining to the end, yet Che and his boys did the best they could, even if every single odd was against them, they fighted till the end.

Edit: Oh and Salvador Allende last stand hours before Pinochet seized the power on Chile was an very tragic, but inspiring thing, he never surrendered.

The CR and the GLF where some very big Ls on Mao goverment, even if he haved good intentions. And the biggest cause of those radical measures was that China needed some very big reforms so it could be compared with the USSR and the west, but without losing their independence to the USSR and keeping out of revisionism and staying socialist. The thing is, there was no sistem at the time that could do all of this, lots of people tried, but it eventually was just an version of the USSR model or the Maoist China model, that where both very flawed. Thats why Deng is so important, he invented an sistem that could do all of that. If he whent on power 15-20 years earlier and did his reforms as succesfully as he did on the normal timeline, we could still have an much bigger socialist influence on the world.

Or people are going to die, or the EU will colapse along with NATO because of public pressure, i dont think they will last more then 2 months if this crisis continues