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I was about to email the author who previously wrote about the woes of Instagram to tell about Pixelfed… but apparently it wasn’t needed. Good job!

There’s already ! for political memes, sometimes I remind people that some posts would be better there.

Might as well send an email to the person who wrote the article and promote PixelFed.

At least no one can say that nothing interesting happens!

Sopuli runs on Hetzner’s VPS that has a dual-core processor and 4 GB of RAM. RPI is comparable to that so it should be enough for setting up an instance.

Zucc has the latest cyborg tech combined with his lizard DNA, he is the most interesting (and the least human-like) option.

This is the topic that has dominated Finnish news during the last few days.

Counter-Strike for example has different servers, so by the same logic that is similar of what Discord is doing.

A Discord alternative, why? This is more of a message board or a link aggregator, Discord is a different thing.

Iran may state so officially, but the country’s former nuclear chief Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani admitted that the aim was to create a nuclear weapon. The country’s defence minister Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was assassinated in 2020 by Mossad because he was accused of being “the mastermind of the nuclear weapons programme” by Israel. Abbasi-Davani stated that his importance was correct, and there is a “nuclear system” with military capabilities: Iran has scientific research activities and uranium enrichment facilities which alone can be used for peaceful purposes, but with a missile programme can be used to create the infrastructure necessary for nuclear weapons.

“Although our stance on nuclear weapons based on the supreme leader’s explicit fatwa regarding nuclear weapons being haram [forbidden by Islamic law] is quite clear, Fakhrizadeh created this system and his concern wasn’t just the defence of our own country,” Abbasi-Davani said in the interview.

They’ll believe it cures cancer as well

Cancer patients and oncologists may have a second opinion on that. But who cares, they are slaves of the Big Pharma and this yogi fella has the hidden knowledge!

Remember to start your week by charging you anus with the power of the sun

So is the anus like a phone’s charging port, but hidden and uses solar energy? Does it support fast charging?

“Butthole sunning”

Thanks to the Internet for this, I always learn something new! Isn’t there however a risk of skin cancer from the sun’s UV rays? Or worse, rectal cancer!

Your anus is considered the “Fourth Eye”

I always thought it was the Third Eye!

Every effort of censorship starts from “protecting children and vulnerable groups” but it eventually extends to adults.

Pop OS and 5.1 surround audio is messed up
I have Logitech's Z506 surround speakers and I run the latest version of Pop OS. I noticed that when 5.1 analog output is selected through Pop OS's audio settings, the order of speakers is messed up: for example front center is suddenly rear left, subwoofer is rear right and center is rear left. When 5.0 output is selected, the order of speakers is all right. What makes this more weird is that when I used `speaker-test -c6 -twav`, every speaker is just fine. Could something be wrong with PipeWire?

Didn’t Hexbear run a heavily modified fork of Lemmy? Getting it to federate would be one of a hassle.