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Please note that my comments were mostly reactions to, not to the woman in the blog post. They (Brattea, not the blogger) were complaining about downvotes, and that stuff is so non-constructive and childish I had to react. I know now, I fell for it again. I responded to online bait.

On your point:

However, if you respond with “don’t complain that much, it surely isn’t hurting that much.”

Oh for Jack’s sake! That is absolutely not what anybody you (and Brattea) are arguing with were actually writing! Fallacies are fun I guess. :(

women are underrepresented in FOSS and tech in general. so when they experience bad stuff, it leaves a bad impression seeing that nothing has structurally changed.

As said before, in many places in the world this is all woven into far more complex problems, whereof the solution is probably also far more complex.

As PoVoq already stated, some of us are getting tired of the “oh those FOSS nerds have no social skills and treat women badly” stories. They are marginalising folk and are no actual solution to anything.

the FOSS scene in india is quite big. i think it usually doesn’t make much sense to differentiate experiences on country: you wouldn’t do that when the country would be netherland or germany, i guesss. Only in india, it matters.

Because we know that India is considered quite patriarchal. And if you followed the news in more recent years they have quite a reputation. So when the medium post lined by OP (you) is mostly about men from patriarchal societies misbehaving, it is quite disingenuous (is that a word, I am not sure) to say it is the fault of FOSS. The Netherlands, Germany etc. do not have the reputation India does, nor have I heard their FOSS communities are hostile to women. So once more, it is silly to blame FOSS (communities) globally for something of which:

  1. the severity (or even existance) greatly varies across the world.
  2. where it exists, is probably influenced heavily by other factors than (wo)men in a computer club

different exmaple: when some male person from india publishes for instance an article about tech things in FOSS (for instance a new feature they have been working on) it wouldn’t make much sense to highlight the country, it would be only natural to think this person as part of the FOSS scene. why is this case different?

You are shifting the goal post mate.

Well every experience is different. She’s in India.

And our point was that maybe if the title had said “FOSS communities in India” (for example) no one would have taken issue with her blog post.

It’s her story

And? What is it that you try to tell with that statement?

I see no need to put representation in quotes.

I did use quotes because I was not sure it was the right term (I am a fluent, but not a native speaker of English).

You can bring a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

What is the relevancy of that proverb?

I can point out how shitty it is that this gets downvoted for the wrong reasons

The only thing you did was complain about downvotes, state the downvotes were lousy (without providing an argument to that opinion) and state (more or less) that we are bad people (I am paraphrasing).

but I cant force people to see it that way […] And the worst part is even well meaning people can fail to see the point.

No, but you could make a more mature and serious effort to convince us by having properly formed statements (of opinion), forming logically valid (and preferably true) arguments to back those opinions up. Without phallacies, whining, shifting the goal post or acting we are all bad/stupid/uncaring.

TLDR, you are losing credibility hand over fist in this discussion.

If you read the actual “article” (it is Medium, so “blog post” is the better term), you would now that it is mostly about being a woman in India. So the downvotes are for a misleading title for a blog post that makes one point but “supports” another. I hope I am wording this well enough. P.S.: it is indeed important to have “representation”, but I do not see how this blog post nor your comment are actually helping that.

Adding to this, try to be more careful with coffee/energy-drink intake even during daytime. Even if you normally “can” drink that stuff, it might worsen your current sleep issues. And in my own experience, sleeping goes better if you are not gaming/on social media till bed time. I have no scientific explanation for the latter though, so I am reluctant to try and tell why (I may give entirely wrong reasons).

What I remember from the last time I looked into this, when wanting a graphical login screen I still had dbus/*kit as a dependancy (and other apps probably require them too). This defeated the point of using Lumina in order to not have those deps, which is/was a main selling point. So I do not know whether this is a feasible alternative (for Linux users) to e.g. LxQt.

*on Linux, mind you, not the BSD family of distros that Lumina is primarily written for.

If you read the article, there is mentioning of a scenario in which it would not have helped much, unless Briar destroys any message you have read.

That they would design and flesh out RISC-V chips was only a matter of time.

Off-topic: Eh, is that a Google AMP link? I did not expect those here on Lemmy t.b.h., not meaning any disrespect.

The author indeed does not necessarily qualify to assess the degree to which the distro fulfils its promise. OTOH, good that Vinux has a spiritual successor.

Is there any command/procedure that (regular) users can use for that?

His /c/ is indeed pro-capitalism, but he is the only one posting and not even actually on-topic. He just quotes himself saying “wise” (but meaningless) things, banning anyone else for “uncouth” comments. Had he actually been on-topic and not been trolling, I would have kindly suggested to let it slip (for now), but given the situation I am with you OP. might need some mod action coming their way.

I hope my reply is polite enough esp. given you are an admin, but I would like to give some nuances/counterpoints.

It also hasn’t done anything against the rampant homophobia and erosion or women’s rights in Poland, as an even more close to home example.

This comment of yours is fair enough to make. However, Poland is still a sovereign nation, so there is only a small amount of “ordering around” that the EU can do. Not only because that is how the EU is “designed”, but also because Polish nationalists/conservatives would love to shout out to anyone hearing them that they are being overruled by the EU (thus only gaining more power). So to be honest I do not know what could be a solution to this, but I agree something needs to happen.

In Europe, while stepping over other, especially poorer and non-white countries.

Are you sure this would not somehow happen without the EU? Haven’t you noticed e.g. the rising Chinese “imperialism” in Africa?

Seeing how they’ve only made timid attempts at criticism against the human rights disaster that is the US (especially Trump’s US)

  1. We were in the middle of a pandemic when Trump was Potus, so we were kind of having our hands full
  2. Trump’s government would simply have done a tu quoque and stated something like “as if you are better” (given “we” are not 100% clean ourselves, as well as given the power Trumpers have found in reflecting and projecting flaws).
  3. What measures beyond “strongly worded letters” would actually have made a difference?

Fair enough, but I think that the “Eurosupremacist capitalism” is at least partially a reflection of the politics from the EU’s most powerful members. After all, the current europarlement is comprised of “blocks” built with representatives from national parties. Those who hold the reins nationally, are most likely to also hold them at the top level. In addition, individual EU member states are not “strong” enough on their own so the EU is necessary despite its shortcomings. We are not Canada after all. Either we form a “block”, or you Canadians are left without us to duke it out against US, Russia, China on the world stage. And honestly, Venezuela partly has itself to blame for its mess given the domestic political decision-making. Yes, I realise there may be foreign influence as well but would that not be mostly the US? They (used to) love messing with e.g. Chile as well.

So to be honest with you, I do not see how resenting the EU for being what it is helps anyone on this globe with the (geopolitical) issues with e.g. the US, Russia, China and so on (I do not resent any of their citizens of course, I mostly refer political bodies in this case).

That blog post is full of fallacies when talking about people “against” Stallman, including (but not limited to) folks who have actually worked with him. Besides, the author seems to assume that RMS/Stallman are the only entities promoting free/libre/open source software. Here is a video of a guy who says he actually worked with RMS:

And unfortunately there does not seem to be a way to report (yet).

AFAIK, most BOINC projects tend contain fairly complex math for which modern X86-derivatives have a lot of extensions that ARM CPUs tend to miss.