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China isn’t going to phase out Markets right now, and we can’t tell about the future. But we must understand Markets aren’t something contradicting Socialism. Markets existed long before capitalism and they’ve worked on the basis of the mode of production of the society. China right now, as they explain themselves are in the primary stage of Socialism. And as China explains it, the major work of this phase of Socialism is the development of the productive forces. Now, does having a Market economy decrease the amount of public ownership? not in all cases. A Market is definitely based on different forms of ownership. Such in China, they have State owned enterprises, Mixed ownership enterprises, joint venture enterprises, private enterprises and collective enterprises. But what feature predominates? The state capital in the industrial sector of the economy predominates , which makes around 60% of total market capitalization . Now, what do they want to do? Well, that’s very simple. China wants the market to play it’s role in resource allocation and developing the productive forces. How do they do that? simply by allowing more enterprises in the country, and having a large amount of government shares on those enterprises. Point to be noted, that in China state owned enterprises aren’t predominant in numbers, but State owned capital/assets are predominant, now what does that mean? that simple means the financial sector of the country is dominanted by the state, and they own a large number of shares in various enterprises in the country, that makes the large number of the country’s enterprises “Joint-Ventures”. And that’s what they want to do, they want state owned assets to play it’s role in the Market. And at the same time, Keeping Socialist public ownership as the main body. As CPC says > if state-owned enterprises do not have a large number of social responsibilities for a long time, there will be no economic independence and national security of our country, there will be no continuous improvement of people’s lives, and there will be no socialist China. Standing tall in the east of the world. If state-owned enterprises are downsized, collapsed, or destroyed, the dominant position of public ownership, the leading role of the state-owned economy, the leadership of the working class, the essential requirements of common prosperity, and the party’s ruling foundation and status will become impossible to talk about. , let alone uphold and develop socialism with Chinese characteristics.

Cobas does organize some movements for workers. But many of the trade unions aligned with Cobas are close to Left-Communist movements. They’ve criticized China using a NED funded organization based in Hongkong. It’s called “China Labour Bulletin” . They have even criticized Cuba. They’re also affiliated to international Anarchist movements that supports U.S imperialism in Syrian Kurdish regions.

This trade union organization ( Unione Sindacale di Base ) is aligned with Communist movements. And it’s pretty big.