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Which file-sharing programs are safe to use without a VPN?
I think for torrent they are a must in most places. I've read many people in the US saying that they've been using SoulSeek without VPN for a long time without trouble. Fopnu works the same so it should be safe too. And MuWire is the same using I2P so it would be the safest but very slow. Tribler uses tor and makes you an exit node and there's people who have gotten in trouble because someone else downloaded child pornography through their network. The thing is I want to share a 50 TB library without VPN and I would like to know in which programs is safer and which ones to avoid. What about DC++, eMule and others you may know? I'm looking only for programs in which it's simple to share the whole library.

PR Announcement: https://medium.com/yandex/yandex-publishes-yalm-100b-its-the-largest-gpt-like-neural-network-in-open-source-d1df53d0e9a6 Github: https://github.com/yandex/YaLM-100B Network is trained using same principles as Megatron LM, inference alone will require 4 A100s > u/gwern > > No information on how they targeted the size/compute, or a loss curve, so that probably means they undertrained it, because no one can resist the temptation to claim a bigger parameter-count than they actually have the compute-budget for, and it won't outperform models you'd expect it to. (And I don't mean Chinchilla, I mean OPT and GPT-J-20b.)

Why is everyone saying "what a time to be alive"?
[google trend](https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q="what a time to be alive")

It’s probably used only for mods so I don’t think anybody cares about the copyright. If it was used to make a game that would be another thing.

I think as soon as there are killer robots, like a flying drone with a mounted gun that never fails or something like that, the elite will use it to keep the status quo indefinitely. And there will be nothing people can do about it.

It’s possible, but things are getting worse so it seems pretty unlikely.

Maybe they make a distributed platform to run it, so that the computational cost is shared between all users.

XD let me change the title then. You can see how much attention I’ve paid to Brave… But just now I’ve seen it has a tor option. And I would like to be able to have tor on some firefox tabs instead of having to use tor browser.

I feel like this. If I have to trust that anonaddy is not going to give my ip to some page I may as well trust that same page from the start.

They’ve copied the TrackPoint from Lenovo. I don’t know if that’s new. I really like the keyboard of my thinkpad. Wouldn’t change it for anything. Well maybe for an open source alternative that’s very close to it in specs and design. But we are far from being there.

I wish I could have a phone just like the one I have but with easy to replace pieces and open source. But it’s going to be quite a long time until that’s possible. If my phone breaks I’ll just have to buy the same.

The technical sense of how to make the nodes send messages to each other, and how do I get a total tally of votes from all those messages. I’m thinking this is way beyond my level.

I won’t be using any sites that ask for my phone, so hopefully they don’t enforce this.