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The torrenting idea sounds really cool. Torrents are an amazing technology and they’re definitely underused. Imagine if the Libre world regularly distributed, say, lossless music albums via torrents that were catalogued and easily searchable. Actually now that I think about it, the creator of Funkwhale might actually be interested in this idea! I’ll shoot a suggestion in their direction, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve already thought about it haha.

LibrePlanet: not just a conference, but a network
"This idea of participation and space for connection between free software activists is what motivates both the wiki and the Free Software Foundation's (FSF) yearly conference by the same name. Our LibrePlanet wiki uses the same software as what powers Wikipedia, which makes it the perfect tool for global collaborative work. We use the wiki as a tool to help organize free software supporters all over the world, so everyone can collaborate around their projects and ideas, as well as communicate with each other using our mailing lists for discussion and development, and our #LibrePlanet IRC channel on Freenode."

This is insane. I hope the Hong Kong protesters do get proper liberty.

Thousands of Scientific Papers May be Invalid Due to Misunderstanding Python
"It was recently discovered that several thousand scientific articles could be invalid in their conclusions because scientists did not understand that Python’s glob.glob() does not return sorted results."

Ken Thompson's Unix password
"Somewhere around 2014 I found an /etc/passwd file in some dumps of the BSD 3 source tree, containing passwords of all the old timers such as Dennis Ritchie, Ken Thompson, Brian W. Kernighan, Steve Bourne and Bill Joy."

What makes you feel nostalgic that's still around?
Drinking from aluminum coke cans. Every holiday until my grandmother passed away, we used to go to my grandparents place for the holidays. They'd always have a big box of coke cans in the fridge. I rarely drank cans of coke unless I was at their place or a cousins, and nowadays I never drink it. Every time I do, I get a little blast from the past.

Libre Alternatives/Software/Services Mega Thread
Post some of your favourite software/service/alternatives. For example, I've started using Red Reader now that Reddit requires me to be signed in in order to display entire threads. Also, I got youtube-dl working on termux, an android app, via 'pkg install python' and then 'pip install youtube-dl'. What are your favourites and recent discoveries? Even if you think people have already heard of it, there's a possibility they haven't. https://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/ten_thousand.png

Searx has the interesting benefit of being libre and self-hostable. What do you guys think?