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On the plus side, the prospect of murdering people with remote controlled racism bots will likely excite America’s most oppressed minority: gamers

If you follow the related article links in the sidebar you actually get a whole chain of other pro-child labor articles sponsored by them lol

Like this one where they clear up a common misconception about child exploitation: it’s good actually

I’ve seen an absolutely beautiful lib take about the sabotage of Nordstream:

They admitted that it doesn’t really make any sense for Russia to do this, so Russia totally DID do it to seem more “unpredictable and crazy” and therefore make the threat of an escalation to nuclear warfare seem more credible. Perhaps they can use the heat generated by these kinds of mental gymnastics to keep warm during the winter.

This is coming a week after Russia said they stopped a Ukrainian attack on energy infrastructure linking Russia to Turkey and the rest of Europe as the article mentions but for some reason doesn’t link to (and this is better to avoid the paywall anyway)