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As if seeing abortion rates potentially skyrocketing isn't bad enough we have this. Thanks, KKKapitalism.

:100: Consumerism has destroyed everything, especially fiscal responsibility and frugality.

Now we have governments - especially in AmeriKKKa and the rest of the first world - spending literal trillions of dollars just to function even though all you need is a fraction to produce those same trillions if not more.

You get far more bang for your buck by spending the money on people’s needs and spending the money on industry rather than paying private corpos to make shit cheap. I now believe that under capitalism, fiscal responsibility means you literally starve due to government cuts.

This is KKKapitalism, I never knew it would be this bad

Well, price of shit’s been increasing the last few years

No. Just no. Ten million dollars is more than enough to live a comfortable life for one lifetime. One billion is an atrocity, any higher and it’s boarderline hoarding.

I also think your claim is baseless and you’re trying to build a narrative out of thin air. Df dym?

What’s wrong with calling out NK - and AES states - if they push out insanity like draconian restrictions on video games? The only things that appear to be exaggerated are NK’s military power - which is lauaghable realistically speaking - and banning blue jeans - which is ridiculous that even Snopes has no idea if its fake or not.

Even then they still pale in comparison to being stuck in debt for god-knows how long, being homeless because your boss can’t afford to pay you enough, and getting bnkrupt because hospital/education/rent/etc become to unbearable to pay.

Homeless people in Canada are literally accepting voluntary genocide - yes, genocide - as a solution to unbearable poverty; this alone is enough to instantly make all of NK’s insane policies pale in comparison.

SK’s freedom is hilariously even worse than NK by liberal standards.

Remember that being stuck under debt is worse than living in Nazi Germany (which NK is).

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