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Wikipedia is the only website that would deserve to survive, should the whole Internet disappear.

Me, don’t watching YouTube nor Invidious and looking for written stuff.

Looks like Gucci is the new Apple.

What I would really like from stock Asus firmware is the option to redirect ALL DNS requests to chosen server, to avoid hardcoded server to bypass stuff such PiHole or nextdns. The option is present in Asus Merlin and to be honest is the basically THE reason to use it, for me.

It’s not the fact that it is self produced. I just find it just bad/uninteresting (with some notable exceptions). Maybe my tastes are a bit off.

I’m not fine with ads, but as long as no ads plans exist, this doesn’t bother me too much… At least, not more than the general lack of good, not self produced, content that Netflix is suffering since a couple of years ago. Which, in the end, may be the reason for me to unsubscribe.

Vodafone can suck my dick. By the way, how in hell is this allowed?

Bummer. Paid for premium just few months ago…

Rather, that’s why people should stop buying from Amazon. The alternative to a crappy corp spying and abusing their employees is not that those employees should hide better. It’s up to consumers to vote with their wallet. Fuck Amazon.

Cool.Happy about that. Happy about any abuse Google commits against it’s users. These are hard lessons for people, so they may learn not to rely on Google or analogous shitty corps.

It would also work with “science” on the truck and “religion” on the couple.

Of course here is a reason. Amazon, Google and similar shitty companies want your data. Just selling you a glorified microphone/loudspeaker isn’t their goal.

Indeed, I don’t. But that was not my point. Should I watch it, I would skip sponsored video segments, exactly how I would do whilw watching traditional TV. It’s exactly the same.