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It actually started getting worse while I was in school. Around 4th grade, they swapped out the curriculum. I was lucky to have teachers that refused to use it. When I looked at my sister’s 5th grade math book, it was stuff I learned in 1st to 3rd grade. She’s now in high school and struggling with Algebra, and I’m not surprised.

WHAT? Who could’ve possibly predicted that being comfortable while working and being able to take more breaks might increase productivity?? No, this can’t be true. It’s probably the lazy millennials who just don’t want to work.

I believe it’s in their T2 chip, which means that unfortunately, the only way to fix it is to swap the entire board. The CPU and T2 chip are serialized, as well as a bunch of other components. Also, the drive is encrypted by the T2 with encryption keys that are specific to that particular T2, so unless you replace everything including the drive, you can boot from neither the SSD nor an external drive.

The T2 will not allow you to read most of the data and it will erase itself if you try, so there’s no real way around it unless someone finds a bootrom exploit or something else that’s extremely low level.

Well, I hope the next sapient species that comes along doesn’t kill themselves off.

Yes, that’s what it is, but he was watching YouTube videos of people reading it in Russian, so I wasn’t aware it was in English.

They agree with him on a lot. For example, my Dad says that Biden “let in all the illegals” who “came here to steal everything from the US citizens,” and that “Under Trump, those lazy illegals couldn’t come here.” He also consumes straight-up bourgeois propaganda like “Богатый папа, бедный папа” constantly and has tried to force me to watch it as well (I refused, obviously).

My mom is somewhat better. She at least recognizes that both Trump and Biden are idiots, and that what my dad watches is propaganda, she just listens to my dad too much and so she thinks Trump is “at least better than Biden”. I’ve been explaining to her why this isn’t the case and that both are equally useless, and she seems to be slowly realizing that.

Yeah, my parents are now bigoted Trump supporters who literally voted for Trump in the last election. Quite sad when you realize both of them were born and grew up in the Soviet Union, and my dad even voluntarily joined the soviet army by lying about his age and saying he was older than he really was.

Thanks. I made my bot extremely configurable, so I can add features just by editing the configuration, without editing the code at all. Just today, I made it more powerful by switching to a templating language, which means I can do things like have it recognize multiple links in a comment, rather than just one like it used to. It also allows doing actual logic inside the response, such as adding numbers, editing text, etc.

I’ve made a community for bots and made a post about my bot in it: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/482041.

Currently, there is just Archive and YouTube to Invidious, though I plan to add more. There is my bot and the Parenti bot which is not mine. My bot is easily configurable though, so it can be used to implement the parenti bot with a very simple config file. Currently, there is no community for the bot, but I could make one if people wish. If I do that, I’ll provide my current config in case people want to use it as an example to configure their own instance.

Yes, the regex is !archive (https?)://([.\w\d]+\.[\w\d]{2,4}[\w\d?&=%/-]*), so you do need to place it before

It’s actually the first feature I added, but since you need to add !archive, it doesn’t get used as much and most people don’t realize it’s there.

I'm not sure how much more blatant the bourgeois propaganda can get. I mean, they are just going completely mask off at this point.

I agree that victim blaming should not be allowed on here, but I also think it’s important to understand what the person meant before replying negatively, especially when the person is Autistic and may not have the same ability to articulate their thoughts as that of a neurotypical person.

If you respond negatively to an Autistic person that has similar problems as I do (not all do, of course) when they didn’t intend the meaning you understood, they’d feel emotionally hurt and would feel the need to defend themselves. In cases like these, I tend to fixate on my original statement and just defend it beyond all reason even if I know logically that it is wrong and I should stop. It is something I am working on, but it’s very hard not to because I feel immense stress and in that moment all I want is to make it go away. The only method I can think of to do that under such stress is to continuously attempt to justify myself in an attempt to negate the negative response.

In some cases, I may also flee instead of defending, in which case, I would end up deleting my account or just never using it again, which is what appears to have happened to the person who was defending the original commenter. They seem to have deleted all their messages and their account.

I am Autistic. I don’t tend to use the word “asshole” much, but if I did, I’d probably word my comment exactly like this person did. In doing so, it would not be my intention to blame the victims by calling them assholes. Rather, I interpret that wording more like “Most of these people act like individualistic assholes who only care about themselves. It’s part of the culture created by capitalism in America.”

What I can definitely say is how a response like this would make me feel. It would absolutely crush me. I would end up being depressed for days if not weeks if just one person replied like that, let alone as many people as did so here. I’d be thinking about it years in the future, after everyone else has forgotten about it.

A more useful response would be to explain to me that people might interpret that incorrectly and tell me to re-word my comment. I would do so immediately upon seeing that reply,

You would still be charged, yes. You need to get a birth certificate and documents, which costs money. Also, most people hire someone experienced to reduce the risk, which also costs money. And, if there are any issues and you take an ambulance to the hospital, the ambulance costs money as well as the hospital.

What’s wrong with calling out NK - and AES states

DPRK is an AES state

if they push out insanity like draconian restrictions on video games?

Nothing is wrong with calling it out unless it doesn’t actually exist or there is a genuine reason. In the video games case, gaming addiction in China was a serious problem, so video games were restricted. I believe that to be a good decision and completely support it.

The only things that appear to be exaggerated are NK’s military power - which is lauaghable realistically speaking

They have the only thing that actually matters at the moment: nukes. No one is going to invade them for fear of nuclear war, and no one is going to nuke them for fear of MAD. The nukes ensure their peace.

and banning blue jeans - which is ridiculous

Nearly everything ever said by western media about the DPRK is pure propaganda. For example, the absolutely ridiculous statement that everyone must get an approved haircut. Or the idiocy about being forced to cry at funerals of the Kim family. It’s all false, and so ridiculous that I’m surprised they were able to say it with a straight face. The DPRK is not the cartoonishly evil dictatorship the media would like us to believe it is.

If you want to actually display this information, you will need to use your own UI elements. If you want, you can simply reuse the code for lemmy-ui and modify it for whatever you need.

It’s not a major deal, but it just conceals the actual link, which can be used to silently grab the details of the user’s machine without the user knowing. I know that wasn’t your intention.

I know. It was just the first thing I thought. I realize that was not your intention.

Right, the point would be to show you the URL, so you can decide whether or not you trust it. Of course, it doesn’t do anything to prevent you from being compromised, it just helps you decide.

There’s a really simple way to check them if you use a system with cURL installed and you are comfortable using the command line. If you use curl -I on the link, it will perform a HEAD request, and return only the HTTP response headers, discarding the response data, and not following redirects. The location header will contain the website the link redirects to. This will allow you to see what is behind the redirect without actually going to the site. In this case, it’s https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/VJlD0b3eh4gMJovaypGkuW4m3Au-aksj+6oNDi50UFI/embed/. This method works for any site that does any redirects.

Thanks to cURL, here’s the original unshortened link for everyone (like me) who doesn’t trust random shortened links: https://cryptpad.fr/pad/#/2/pad/view/VJlD0b3eh4gMJovaypGkuW4m3Au-aksj+6oNDi50UFI/embed/

That was precisely my first thought when I saw the title

I used my Go API bindings to make a reply bot that replies to comments with custom messages. Github mirror: https://github.com/Arsen6331/lemmy-reply-bot

I’ve used Hugo quite a bit. It’s a static site generator. That’s the problem, it’s static. There’s no way to run actual Go code on a static site because it runs entirely client-side. However, Lemmy has an official JS client which is perfect for that use case. With lemmy-js-client, yes, you could (probably) display Lemmy info on a Hugo site

I want to try making a bot and maybe a client of some sort

Go bindings for the Lemmy API
I've written Go bindings for Lemmy's HTTP API. If anyone wants to use them, the import path is `go.arsenm.dev/go-lemmy`. The repo is at https://gitea.arsenm.dev/Arsen6331/go-lemmy with a mirror on GitHub: https://github.com/Arsen6331/go-lemmy.

It says it’ll kill them based on whether an officer “feels threatened”. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go well and there won’t be a bias towards any minorities at all. I’m also sure the bots will never ever have a false positive or overreact. /s

Oh yeah, this again. The guardian actually changed the headline after this somehow caused a lot of outrage. I wonder why people would get mad at something like this. Who knows?

I use Kdenlive. It’s open source and has always worked really well for me.

Github might still die, since Gitea is open source, so not everyone will have to participate.

As long as it stays open source, it should be fine since not every instance will have to participate. I know for a fact my instance, and likely Codeberg will never participate.

Your skepticism is correct. I have Familial Mediterranean Fever, and during some episodes, the pain is so severe that I have to go to the ER. Often I even lose consciousness in the waiting room from the pain. All the ER does is give me painkillers and monitor me for a few hours to make sure it’s not something else. The bill my parents get is usually more than $10,000 after insurance.

It’s even worse if the doctor who happens to be assigned to me decides to do some tests to make sure it isn’t anything else (the symptoms are very similar to appendicitis).

I saw it happening. It was very strange. One day, I started seeing electorialists pop up, and then a couple weeks later, there were full-on libs. They were downvoted heavily, but then that just stopped happening and now it’s basically normal for there to be multiple libs and anarchists in every post of the previously communist subreddits.

I personally believe it was very intentional and done by some surveillance agency somewhere, because massive subreddits don’t just fundamentally change over the span of a couple weeks.

They can’t. Verification is required to create an account and people on lemmy.ml can be cut off from lemmygrad by simply editing a file on the server.

Some propagandized libs believe that socialism is good in theory, but that it has never existed, and that every socialist state that has ever existed wasn’t really socialist.

I’ve seen this nonsense on Reddit many times. They believe that the countries are claiming themselves socialist in order to appeal to the people but that in reality they are capitalist or full-on fascist.

It’s just a load of nonsense created by western propaganda.

Two bullet wounds is suicide. He died and then his ghost shot him again, clearly.

I don’t want to join a Discord server. I’d suggest Matrix. There’s already a Lemmygrad room and a GenZedong space with many rooms in it. They’re not very active, but I prefer it to Discord’s proprietary spyware.

As an autistic person, I certainly prefer self-checkout. I would much rather have to deal with an annoying error than have to interact with a cashier, or worse, having that cashier ask about my day or something. Besides, most of the error messages have to do with self-checkout being implemented badly, and are not inherently an issue with self-checkout.

Ideally, self-checkout would work well, and in the ideally rare case where it doesn’t work, a person would be called automatically to deal with the issue and provided with a descriptive error which they know how to deal with. In this case, I believe the cashier job could be replaced with self-checkout.

Looks like the bourgeoisie decided they didn't have enough zeros on their bank account balance, and are exploiting students even more than they already were to get more. Welcome to an average day in capitalism!

Welcome to Capitalism, where you can lose your vision because some corporation didn't get enough money.