I’m making a file organizer and I was thinking of how to integrate torrents. The objective is to find which files are owned by more than one person but have low health and automatically generate a torrent containing those files, share it with all other users with a distributed database and seed it.

But if someone indexes a game for example, that have many small files, there would be many torrents nobody would care about. If I generated torrents automatically when a user creates a collection, then there would be many different collections but I’d prefer to have only a collection for all related files like all books of a given author.

I think the best thing is to allow people to vote on the collections through the distributed database and then whichever client owns more files from the collection creates the torrent and links it to the collection in the database. But even if the collections have votes, that doesn’t group the collections. So I would have a ranking of best to worst collection but no way of knowing which is the most complete collection of books for an author.

I could allow users to vote the files that belong in a public collection. And when they create a local collection if it has many similar files with a public collection I could assign a positive vote for each of those files for that user in the public collection. Then I find the user that has more files in a public collection, so that he creates the torrent and shares it.

I would like to hear your ideas on this.


What does your file organizer do?

automatically generate a torrent containing those files, share it with all other users with a distributed database and seed it.

No one should want to join a file-sharing network with non-static data, that’s extremely dangerous as it allows other people to put data onto your hard drive. This is why torrents are static data, and ppl use syncthing or seafile with only trusted devices for non-static data.

I don’t think generic file organizers (outside of what the filesystem can already do) are a good idea. What we have are specific types of media content, and apps that work well for organizing and presenting that specific type of media. This is because all of this content has specific tags that are unique to the content. Books have ISBN numbers, movies don’t. Music has ID3 album artist tags, movies don’t.

  • Movies / TV - Jellyfin, Plex
  • Books - Calibre
  • Music - MusicBrainz, different music apps that work with tags

As far as sharing data, torrents already have that problem solved. You don’t really need voting there, because popularity is already indicated by seeder counts.


The file organizer is spacedrive with torrent integration.

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