Wireless Ear Buds Powered by Open Source? Sounds Good To Me! - OMG! Ubuntu!
Could Pine64 emerge as the open source analog to companies like Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaom9? With the quiet introduction of their latest piece of

A pair of high-end in-ear wireless headphones called PineBuds are on the horizon. These include features most would expect in 2022, like ambient and environment noise cancellation, and a lengthy battery life. The earbuds will also be end-user flashable, opening up a world of possible uses.

“There will be a wide variety of things developers and (eventually) end-users will be able to do with the earbuds – flash custom sound signatures, determine touch controls, adjust resonance to fit the user’s ear canal resonance,” Pine64 say.

If I can change the batteries, that would be a major winner for me!

See https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2022/04/pine64-open-source-pinebuds-wireless-ear-buds

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Pine64 doing god’s work


If I can change the batteries, that would be a major winner for me!

Can’t agree more, I’m very cautious with mine because of this, I use it only on special occasions to save battery life.


Exactly. If batteries are somehow replaceable, then these could be really really neat!


Lithium batteries can degrade more quickly if used improperly (being allowed to reach 0%, or changing from discharging to charging rapidly and repeatedly)

However, even if you don’t use them at all, they discharge and degrade over time: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2022/cp/d2cp00417h

Lithium batteries typically no longer have a useful capacity just 3 years after they were manufactured, so the clock starts ticking even before we buy them

What I’m saying is: you might be unnecessarily careful and not enjoying your devices as much as you could be :)

I buy used phones (so they’re already about a year old at least) and I’ve never really had a problem with the battery after a couple years (the capacity definitely decreases, but not to the point of being useless)

My phone is 9 years old.

I’ve had to change the battery once 2 years ago because it was bulging, it still had ±1day of charge.

I completely agree with you.

Sad 😕 They are already 2-3 years old I think I’ll start using them more then, thank you for your comment very useful!

Omg I hope they’ll be affordable as well. Would love to get these.

Very nice! When can I buy one?


Well the post says it is “on the horizon” which means soon due for release. So probably need to wait two to three months I’d say.

Why do you need this when you can use simple wired headphones? Are you really going to flash code to your headphones, instead of simply installing a sound effects app on your phone? Sounds like a pure crash grab to me.

Pine64 have a track record of selling devices at little to no profit, so disregarding this as just a “cash grab” doesn’t really check out especially considering their incredibly community focused nature.

Why do you need this when you can use simple wired headphones?

Clearly because of wires and just about why wireless options exist about anything… It’s not like wireless headphones are something new, there is clearly people buying them and cheaper options have appeared than when they first came out.


I‘ve stuck to wired ear buds for a long time. But when you‘re using them on the go, the cables have a tendency to break. After lots and lots of broken cables over the years, I made the switch to wireless. Very happy so far. My wireless buds have already outlived all their wired counterparts that I had before.


I never said i would want it, I actually use wired earbuds. I Post about it because it’s of interest and something different. Firstly as it is open source and secondly because of the first point, I’m hoping it will also be repairable / replaceable batteries. That said my wired earbuds do keep catching on door handles so maybe that is a reason for me to go wireless…

I don’t think this is a cash grab but I too am of the mindset that wired > wireless headphones.

Wireless headphones almost always are obsolete within 5-10 years tops for a variety of reasons. A good pair of wired headphones can last decades and I can already feel the angry eyes of people reading this about to say “WHAT CABLE LASTS DECADES?!” and my answer is… very few! But I’d feel much better about replacing a cable on my headphones than I would replacing lithium batteries on wireless headphones or worse, replacing the headphones every 5-10 years.

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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