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We are going to launch an open source programmable wireless mouse. We have completed the design work using the 3370 sensor. Players who can program can modify the firmware code by themselves, build their own super wireless mouse, or use the firmware code shared by others. pic.twitter.com/IkseObKk33— G-wolves (@g_wolves) April 19, 2021

Not many details on this one (if the entire mouse will be open source, including schematics or only the firmware), but still a huge fucking step for everyone, specially for modders and users outside of Windows (finally we´ll be able to have their mice be compatible with projects like Piper, for example).

This could be really cool


Trust me, this is huge. I´m not a modder myself, but I follow people who are, and the amounts of people that make custom 3D printed mouse shells based on Logitech´s G305 for its wireless and price are huge. It´s untapped market for these companies, good for the consumers and a marketing boost for open source.

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