I found AzuraCast but it seems that it doesn’t work wit FireFox and Safari, but only with chrome to listen to music, and the DJ is a bit weird to use. I also found BottledRadio but have no experience on how it works. Any other one you may know of or can advise how to solve/work with the ones above?

This is my setup with mpd and Icecast. It works surprisingly well on cheap hardware and supports mp3 and a lot of formats. https://portal.mozz.us/gemini/avalos.me/gemlog/2021-02-06-mpd-icecast2-music-server.gmi

I use mpd with nginx reverse proxy


Icecast is good for audio brodcasting and well documented , can be use with vlc, or mixx for example


Icecast is a streaming media server which currently supports WebM and Ogg streaming including the Opus, Vorbis and Theora codecs. Also Icecast can handle other streams like MP3/AAC/NSV in legacy mode, but this is not officially supported.

You don’t really need a tool by itself, a few shell scripts should be enough.

I would use one shell script to loop through my song library and pipe data to some fifo.

Then you can read this fifo with ffmpeg and broadcast it somewhere.

The advantage of this approach is its flexible, easy to modify and you can use the tools you already have.

See https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/StreamingGuide

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I’d like something on which we can put music on and when we want stop it and broadcast source coming from a mic, or even input from our choice, instead of automated playlist from a folder.

You can do that as well with scripts, easily. If you are looking for a GUI Version I can’t help you.

Zoë Tech Corner

I’d be interested to learn how, I was just looking for a GUI bcs Im working for a friend that wants to do a Web radio station and with a GUI it would remive work that I’d have to do.


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Depending on what you need there is actually a long running open-source professional radio station (as in real FM radio, but also internet streaming) software called Airtime.

The original company developing it dropped support a while ago, but a fork called Libretime lives on. It does internet streaming via a build in Icecast.

Probably overkill for running an internet stream though.

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