Hey FOSS people, does anyone know if there is an alternative to Tapet app but open source?

It is a simple app that procedurally generates beautyful material design backgrounds

You can have a look at WPGen and at Vectorify da home!.

WPGen gets you a nice material design with the stripes option.


Thanks! that what I’ve been looking for

Since is such a nieche app I doubt someone would make a thing like that, but you can look here from time to time.


Yes, alternative to is my first choice for this kind of searchs, but no luck there… thank you though!


Really? I couldn tell how hard it would be to develop such alternative, but I belive is not an extremely demanding proyect, but maybe there is more to that than what I’m currently taking into account


They’re not saying it’s necessarily hard to do, but it is still a time investment and so you utimately need a FOSS dev who really specifically wants something like Tapet, i.e. isn’t content with another wallpaper app, or even just finding a bunch of wallpapers online and setting them manually.

Tapet is great

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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