Man, this drama keeps on going. Just when I thought it was dead. Funny thing is, I’m only on Lemmy because I found mastodon on privacytools site.


Same! Introduced me to the fediverse to begin with.

Wow. I feel like a fool - genuinely just started following Privacy Guides after buying into it as a “rebrand” of Privacy Tools. From this it becomes clear that this wasn’t the case. I had no idea, so thank you for sharing this.

A quick web search shows that Jonah Aragon is a Mac fanboy. How can anyone care about privacy and still use a mac?

This is really shocking. Add calyx vs grapheneos dramas and you wonder why the privacy community is not working better together. I love both sites, and I think they both have great value, but man…


Honestly at this point the two sites are different enough that they both provide value and I would recommend everyone check out both.

Was a big fan of back in the day and when they switched to the one thing that irked me was how much content was removed. Knowing what is out there to use and if it’s even good is a big problem in this space because of all the projects that rise and fail.


It’s a really disappointing situation, you can see that there is an ulterior motive and that he doesn’t really care about privacy.

You think PrivacyGuides thieves care about privacy?

Turns out… no. Spoiler: check the account information of yellow boxed commenter.

I mean, they clearly care, they do run privacy guides and some other stuff and that one comment doesn’t really prove otherwise. But they are a weird bunch with what tools they allow and what posts. I lost respect for them when they allowed a post to stay up claiming vivaldi is “worse than edge” for privacy.

I don’t respect any “privacy” organization that promotes proprietary software or is actively hostile to the Libre software movement.

Privacy Guides is hostile to the libre movement?

Vivaldi and Edge are closed source internet browsers and similar as far as privacy goes. PrivacyGuides is not a privacy advocacy, but a privacy grifter organisation that stole $17.5K of public donations by privacy community given to PTIO.

Vivaldi and Edge are closed source internet browsers and similar as far as privacy goes.

I’m sorry, this is just not true, just look at their privacy policies. They are not even in the same league.

That aside, the owner has said he plans to take it to court. Maybe we will finally know what happened.

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