He’s an old hand in British Marxism, a noted historian and critic. I’ve been reading his old articles in the New Left Review to try to find interesting books to read (and to get a head start on grasping them critically).

What I wonder is whether or not he’s a well known (and well regarded) writer internationally. What takes do people here have? Thoughts on NLR are welcome too. I’m keen on it but open to alternatives.

I haven’t read anything too political from him. However his historiographic work is quite good. It is not free from criticism, nothing is, really; but overall his work on absolutism was very informative. Admitedly, I’m more familiar with his resarch about spanish absolutism, so I can’t speak for his works as a whole.

Down here in Brazil he was quite popular in my History bachealor’s course, which was overall left-leaning and good reason for my radicalization. In fact, his brother’s Benedict Imagined Communities was also mandatory reading.



See my other answer - tl;dr veteran of CPGB, historian and critic. Very influential on the British left in general.

Honestly, due to me being not well read anything besides some marx, lenin, stalin, and an essay or two from mao, I don’t know much about him. What would you recommend for reading?


I’ve only read his articles in the London Review of Books and the New Left Review. In the latter he reviews people like Gramsci and those that follow after him, but it is paywalled. He has also reviewed books like Luk van de Midelaar’s Passage to Europe, generally with an identifiably marxist perspective. He’s very influential on the british left and was one of the old CPGB group of historians, alongside people like Eric Hobsbawm and E. P. Thompson.

I’m offline this weekend but could find and share some articles when I’m back if you’re interested.

that would be excellent! If you could, I would appreciate it.


This is a good one: https://web.archive.org/web/20220308224623/https://newleftreview.org/issues/ii100/articles/perry-anderson-the-heirs-of-gramsci

If you’re interested in more afterwards, I’d suggest going to newleftreview.org, finding his other articles, and finding them on archive.org. It is a neat paywall bypass for lots of publications.

I have only read “The Indian Ideology” by him. Was a decent book.

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