This video covers the functionality that a user or a new admin would see when using this private cloud collaboration service. Nextcloud is ideal for your own use if you want to setup your own syncing between devices of documents, contacts, calendar, notes etc away from Google or Dropbox. The same applies for small businesses or even global ones who can interconnect Nextcloud hosting across different countries. I've tried to go very quickly through the rich functionality that can be enabled and disabled (there are over 100 such apps)., If you have concerns about data sovereignty or hosting services spying on your information, then Nextcloud may be for you. Likewise, if you want to share documents publicly or run your own social network, then Nextcloud may also be for you! There is truly a lot you can do with it., This video will help you decide if its got what you are looking for, or if you were just curious to know what Nexcloud looked like and what it is about., Publicly shared photo discussed in video:, Voting poll discussed in video:, Timeline:, Intro 0:00, Document Management & Syncing 3:55, Notes 12:08, Contacts 13:24, Calendar 14:47, Circles 17:03, Social Network 18:24, Bookmarks 21:10, Deck/Kanboard 22:50, Polls/Voting 25:08, Task/ToDos 26:58, Photos/Albums 28:40, Talk/Video Conferencing 30:25, Maps 33:11, Other Apps 35:45, Settings 56:37, Wrap Up 1:04:28, #FOSS #opensource #nextcloud #selfhosted #cloud #collaboration #productivity #photoalbums #documents #files #cloudstorage #alternativeto #dropbox #googledrive #appleicloud

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