New national authentication service and digital identity announced for Finland | Biometric Update
Nixu is contributing its Managed Identity and Access Management (MIAM) service to a national Finnish digital identity authentication service in development.

“For years, Nixu has been promoting the development of national digital identity […] Mass-adopted, cost-effective and secure digital authentication is an essential part of cybersecurity of digital services,” comments the company’s CEO Petri Kairinen.

“As a cybersecurity company, it is very important for us to be involved in a project that will enable Finland to quickly introduce a national-level digital identity solution suitable for extensive use. This enables us to keep the digital society running through our own contribution, and it also includes export potential,” he concludes.

A space to share and discuss information on identification practices. Articles shared here are not necessarily an endorsement of the many forms of identification (in fact it is mostly the opposite). They are shared here to bring them to the attention of individuals interested in IDs.

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