We launched our report ‘’Central African Republic: Towards a Roadmap to Peace and Prosperity’’ and an accompanying article ‘’Central African Republic Matters: Changes Needed to Build Peace’’ by Louisa Lombard (Yale University) and Carlos Montes (Legatum Institute) at an online panel discussion in March 2022. Dr. Stephen Brien, Director of Policy at the Legatum Institute, highlighted the opportunities for CAR to drive forward change – and the challenges associated with doing so. Carlos Montes, Lead Advisor Pathways to Prosperity at the Legatum Institute and Visiting Fellow at the Cambridge University Judge Business School, moderated the event. We were delighted to be joined by three distinguished guests who shared their reflections on the findings of the report: Jean Baptiste Koba - Minister-Counsellor for Investments to the President of the Central African Republic. Louisa Lombard - Associate Professor, Yale University. Enrica Picco - Project Director for Central Africa, International Crisis Group. Read the full report on Central African Republic at: https://li.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/CAR-Towards-a-Roadmap-to-Peace-and-Prosperity_LI.pdf Read the accompanying article at: https://li.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/03/Central-African-Republic-Matters-30-March-Legatum-Institute.pdf
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