New book by book by the late anthropologist David Graeber and archaeologist David Wengrow.

Who is reading it right now? You can find an ebook copy of it on Z-lib.

I am about 20% in, and so far I quite like it. Maybe not as eye-opening as Debt the first 5000 years was back then (to me at least), but it has a very solid discussion on our mostly false assumptions about pre-history.

Anarcho-primitivists and anti-civ proponents will probably also find it interesting, but likely somewhat challenging to their believes.


I have found it very helpful, especially how they unmask Rousseau. I will have to finish everything and then go back to specific chapters again. I feel like it is too dense a book to just do a single run. A fresh story indeed.

Are you an Anarchist? The answer might surprise you!


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