A default by the property giant could have far-reaching consequences for China and global economy

The rescue of embattled Chinese property company Evergrande appears to have stalled, leaving the developer on the brink of default and threatening to unleash contagion through the country’s giant real estate sector, home prices and the economy.

The problems enveloping Evergrande, which has eyewatering total debts of $305bn, have hung over global financial markets in recent weeks and helped curb China’s post-pandemic recovery.

Seems like the most likely scenario here is that Evergrande and other developers will simply get dismantled and turned into state owned companies. I see this as a net positive myself.


Indeed, it’ll be interesting to see if the Chinese government is able to deflate this balloon slowly and demonstrate that no private company is too big to fail. The West could learn an important lesson from that.

Yeah, I think that would send a strong message and does appear to be a case of controlled demolition.

Real estate should never be owned by a corporation. I see this as an absolute win.

That’s what the PRC announced a few weeks back, I wonder what happened to that? Thought they’d gone through with it by now.

They haven’t taken any action yet, just letting it simmer for now.

This is a shockingly good analysis from NYT.

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