San Francisco police seek permission for its robots to use deadly force | Engadget
The San Francisco Police Department is currently petitioning the city's Board of Supervisors for permission to deploy robots to kill suspects based on whether an officer feels threatened..
Rania Rudhan

Can’t even fire (send him to a 6 month vacation) the robocop now and will probably say “the system malfunctioned” when it kills an unarmed black teen

On the plus side, the prospect of murdering people with remote controlled racism bots will likely excite America’s most oppressed minority: gamers

RoboCop it’s real now

Robocop was a moral man who was forced to be a boot, and ultimately turned on his fascist masters. The whole movie was an anti-capitalist anti-fascist satire on a corporate police state. This is just Terminator.

Yay it’s starting :/

Soon the riots begin, the Mycus grows, New England gets quarantined, animals become larger and more aggressive, otherworldly horrors begin to walk the Earth.

intense screaming

Arsen6331 ☭

It says it’ll kill them based on whether an officer “feels threatened”. Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go well and there won’t be a bias towards any minorities at all. I’m also sure the bots will never ever have a false positive or overreact. /s

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