Every printer needs an initial setup before it starts functioning and working according to your given commands. Similarly, it is essential to use and understand the Setup Printer HP Deskjet 2135 before starting the print commands to proceed with effective functioning and use all the available features. Despite being highly efficient, the HP printers require a basic setup to adapt with any connections necessary for processing various commands.

The latest HP Deskjet ink advantage 2135 is a fantastic HP product that prints about twice the amount of pages when compared to the traditional printers at the same cost. Hence it is extremely cost-effective and consists of numerous features that make your printing experience amazing and convenient. Let us move forward to the setup procedure with the HP 2135 printer user manual. You can always refer to this self-explanatory manual to resolve any basic issues that might arise while working. It is easy to use and hence beneficial for all types of users. How to alter the HP printer settings in Windows OS? ● Open the HP printer software screen and click on the print or print and scan option available. ● A list of devices available is displayed on the screen, amongst which you need to select your own printer name and go to the properties window. ● Set the preferences according to your own convenience and requirement. ● You may alter various other printer related settings through the advance tab or advance option available. ● If you wish to print only black-and-white documents, you may select the available ‘Black ink only’ option. ● Set the pages per sheet layout and various other specifications according to the requirement. ● Now save all the settings and check if the ink levels are sufficient to print the specified document. ● Ensure protecting the print nozzles by turning off the power button after use. The HP Deskjet ink advantage 2135 wireless connection

You can also process the HP Deskjet ink advantage 2135 set up once you connect to the Wi-Fi or router. You may do so by two methods involving the use of a pushbutton or WPS pin depending upon whatever is available. To move ahead with the same, you may follow the mentioned steps carefully.

  1. WPS Button

● If your printer has a touchscreen, you may go to the Control Panel and click on ‘setup and touch network’. ● Select the option named Wi-Fi protected setup. ● A few instructions would appear on your screen, which must be followed to successfully keep up with the process. ● Now press the pushbutton once indicated on your screen. ● Simultaneously press and keep a hold on the WPS button on your wireless router for a few seconds to ensure a stable printer connection. ● The wireless light would stop flashing and stay still once the connection is successfully established.

  1. WPS Pin

● Open the control panel on your printer window and navigate to the setup window. ● Go to the network option available and see if the WPS pin is printed on the blank sheet of paper. ● Now click on the Wi-Fi protected setup alternative and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. ● A dialogue box will appear on your screen wherein you need to click on the PIN option. ● The screen will display the WPS pin to establish a secure connection. ● Go to the configuration utility or software window and type the WPS pin. ● Click on the OK button for confirmation and wait for a few seconds. ● The wireless light on your printer would stop blinking and stay still, confirming the wireless connection.

**How can I install HP Deskjet 2135 driver? ** Once you successfully connect your HP Deskjet printer to the wireless router, installing HP Deskjet 2135 drivers is also important. In the absence of drivers, you will not be able to work efficiently and make use of all the features available with your printer. Hence you can follow the next steps and install compatible printer drivers successfully.

● Open any web browser on your device to which your printer is connected. ● Go to the HP official website and click on the printer drivers option as displayed on your screen. ● A search bar would appear on the screen wherein you need to enter your specific HP model number. It will further display a list of all available and updated versions of the printer drivers. ● Click on the download button beside the driver name and begin with the process. ● Now open the downloaded file and process the Run command to successfully install HP Deskjet 2135 drivers. ● Restart your device and printer to cope up with any of the possible changes. ● You successfully installed the compatible printer drivers and can now start working efficiently.

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