Released today, the Public Service Media and Public Service Internet Manifesto says,...

Our Manifesto demands the creation of a Public Service Internet so that Public Service Media are enabled and properly resourced to be able to provide online platforms that have a not-for-profit imperative and the digital remit to advance information, news, debate, democracy, education, entertainment, participation, and creativity with the help of the Internet.


What is stopping the BBC to run a Mastodon server? But I doubt many people would use it.


Same question I keep asking on why these governments that are so furious with Twitter for flagging and deleting some tweets from their presidents can’t initiate their instances for all official posts. Perhaps they fear there will be no traction. But either way, the pull force of these commercial and private platforms is very strong. Some don’t know alternatives exist.

I have good news to bear here… the EU is hugely interested in Fediverse and requested SocialHub community (where fediverse standards and tech ecosystem are evolved) to present a 3-part event. You can see details and recordings here:

I’d like to know why the manifesto is hosted by Dropbox and the petition is hosted by Google docs…

The authors are proliferating the very thing that they speak out against.

Pick up your act! Maybe more will listen

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