Long story short I am fucked right now, I can’t apply for traditional loans, or payday loans, or even those stupid manipulative apps like “Dave”, because I do 80 hours a week of gig work and apparently that’s not good enough for them. I’m trapped in a cycle of hell, medical bills, pos jobs, broken/stolen cars, rising rent, and the past year it’s been like watching one big slow trainwreck because with the way inflation has been accelerating I can’t afford to live in one of the cheapest cities in the US anymore. Car broke down two months ago and then one month ago it got stolen and found wrecked. I’ve got like nothing and honestly am beyond ready to die, but ofc I pawned my guns to pay rent last year and never got them back. America is a shithole country, the worst one. I spend my day delivering to fat and lazy petite bourgeois who can’t be bothered to fucking tip a gallon of gas, being paid 2.25 an order by one of the most evil companies in the world. The vehicle I’m borrowing right now is a truck and shit for gas mileage so over half my income goes back into that. Haven’t been able to afford to wait 2-3 weeks to get a check from a normal job in years, since pandemic started and the government fucked us. I know I’m not making the best case for myself here but for the love of god is there anyone out there who will let me borrow $100 for a week and a half? You can have all my damn info if you want, nobody is going to want to steal my identity anyway, I can promise that. And even if not, because I can surely understand the skepticism…at least try to ponder the idea…I know I’m already a marginally well read ML because this shit alone has radicalized me beyond return, but maybe it would be a good idea to create some sort of online mutual aid system so that people can directly help others in need, and all in the name of the cause so everyone can begin to understand what we stand for. There are probably tons of comrades out there who want to help but don’t have access to a local party or org, and an internet mass line might just be what they’re missing. Just a thought. If I had money, it’s something I would be proud to be a part of or donate to, much more than some bum ass charity or NGO anyway. It would also be nice to have a place to ask that I don’t feel like a piece of shit or get vetted out for being a leftist like r/loans or r/borrow. If this is against the rules please don’t ban me, just delete it and move on, even though I only have mobile and I’m still figuring this site out, I really don’t want to go back to the cesspool of reaction that is Reddit. Thanks for hearing me out.

I think !poor@lemmy.ml is a good community to encourage that kind of stuff. Since I live in Argentina 100USD would be like a shit ton of money for me, to give you an idea I spend around 3000ARS a week to live more or less, which is like 24USD and I’m poor myself. I think I can give you like 5 bucks and I’m already lowering my living standards a bit plus you have only done one comment and one post so I’m risking myself to being fucked you know, so well, let me know if it helps you somehow.

Now this seems nuanced issue that a more experienced person would help you out with, so I’m gonna ignore all of that and pretend I know stuff I probably don’t.

Based on your post I take it you are from the States too, and like you I am very poor. Soviet Snake already pointed out that us in the Core have huge wages compared to them (even if in our own countries we can’t afford shit). Lemmygrad has a large mix of people around the globe, and Core comrades aiding Periphery comrades is a very effective option. But not so much for you and I.

Now another issue is having communist sharing information with other communists in the public domain. Now there is probably work arounds someone like me doesn’t know about but it is something to consider. I too am worried about my economic situation, especially with the crash coming up.

Is there an decentralized alternative to Venmo and PayPal, or maybe an organization set up for this. GoFund me? Again I don’t know a lot, but just putting food on the chopping block.


How about Crypto?

Is there an decentralized alternative to Venmo and PayPal, or maybe an organization set up for this. GoFund me? Again I don’t know a lot, but just putting food on the chopping block.

There’s GNU Taler.


i haven’t heard of that before, i was going to suggest monero. is this service currently functioning?

Ah okay GNU Taler seems to be like what I was thinking of great stuff.

I mean crypto is highly unstable and riff with libertarians so, good luck with that.

Sending NFTs as Mutual Aid!! 😂 Just thought of that. Can’t afford rent? Give your landlord a methhead monkey!


Maybe we could make a finance community.

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