he didn’t shake the boss’s hand strong enough

“Fell to his death” sounds like he died accidentally, but the rest of the article makes it fairly clear that he jumped. Dishonest headline.

Yeah, this is typical in western media. Can’t let people know the job market is so bad PhDs are killing themselves.

If they don’t commit suicide they become homeless. In the capital city of our country I remember some homeless guy roaming around. And as it turns out he was a Professor at a university for a while. I don’t remember the reason why he lost his job. But he too couldn’t find another job.

Also he said that at night there was always this group of neo-nazis roaming the streets who would beat him up and humiliate him if they’d cross paths. And during the winter he’d rob a bank and wait for the police to arrest him, because then he’d be in jail with a roof over the head, a bed and 3 meals per day.


then he’d be in jail with a roof over the head, a bed and 3 meals per day

The plot of The Cop and the Anthem by O. Henry. Tories are trying very hard to turn prisons into indentured labour camps so he might have to rethink that strategy soon.

Capitalism treats people no different than an over abundance of fruit (or other product). Too much fruit? Let it rot in the fields. Too much labor? Let it rot on the pavement. It’s fucking disgusting.

Under communism this man would have been valued for his education and worked with to find a position that would use his knowledge. Hell he probably would have been a part of an education to work program where he’d go straight into working from his schooling. No waste of labor. No waste of education.

Ah yes, the capitalist virtue of being able to choose your own job. Imagine if he had the right to work at an institution suitable for his education because said institution is not run for profit with overworked skeleton crews, but instead for scientific progress where more minds is always a benefit.

This isnt funny dude wtf

I’m suprised that it was a physics PhD. Those with humanities or social sciences degrees are having huge problems finding a job, but the job market for those with STEM degrees are super hot right now.

I have a physics degree too and i can tell you it’s not as easy as you make it out to be…not unless you’re willing to work an ungodly amount of hours for very little money for years and years until you can actually be seen as qualified.

Unless you go into the financial/consulting sector that is, as that’s basically where all the cushiest jobs for STEM graduates are. Most of the rest just end up in IT where they do the same job anyone with basic programming skills could do.

This narrative that the right wing likes to spread about “oh just get a STEM degree bro and you’ll be fine, the only reason you’re struggling is because you have a worthless liberal arts degree” is pure nonsense, it’s just not the case anymore.

This suprises me. Where are you from? In Germany having a STEM degree is pretty safe, especially if you have a PhD.

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Trades are a great choice, but you have to walk a very careful tightrope to get in. Everyone wants to talk about apprenticeships, but apprenticeships are rare and coveted, so the people who are going to get into the skilled trades are going to be either people granted spots by virtue of some political angle, or the people who work really hard and are willing to go places people don’t want to go to do jobs people don’t want to do in order to get there – including paying your own way through school first.

In the days ahead, I think there’ll be a big demand for people who can actually do stuff. Most of the people who can do stuff are dying off in droves of old age.

Article is from 2013. I wondering if things have changed much in the last 9 yrs?

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Huh? Because the language is trying really hard to dance around the fact that this man killed himself because of his material conditions.


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