Hello Comrades, I just felt like some light discussion.

Recently, you may have heard about the Comrades of mine who were attacked by Anarchists at a bookfair. That, combine with the current historical pattern of Communist oppression and the slow collapse of US Imperialism has got me feeling really paranoid.

I just wondered if people related. I refuse to hide, I proudly display a PCUSA and Soviet Flags in my window, I usually wear my PCUSA. I’m sort of asking for it, feeling like I’m getting stares wherever I go. If someone gets offended by it it is their problem, but part of me just wants to go stealth, but doing so would be against my principles. Part of my job is being visibly a Communist and being seen as a friendly and positive influence in my community.

But my friends getting attacked by Anarchists, well, it’s definitely enough to make you think…

I carry mace, but that wouldn’t do much against a group of attackers, or god forbid the police.

You know what they say, “just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you”.

DankZedong ☭☭☭

The paranoid feeling is justified, as we’ve seen the attacks carried out on communists throughout history. I will not sugarcoat it, you should be willing to get into fights and perhaps even die because of your ideology.

The question you should ask yourself is: is this worth it for me?

Do you actually believe this is what you want to do? Because if so, this is what you’re signing up for. It’s easy to shitpost on the internet all day, it’s a different thing to actually go out there and fight for your rights and beliefs. And sometimes fight means actually fighting.

I asked myself this question for a while, and everytime I got to the same answer. I want to fight for this. And if I somehow die in the process, so be it. At least I got out there and fought for what I thought was correct. If we do nothing becaue we’re scared, they win. It’s okay to be scared, it’s not okay to roll over and do nothing. Remember, you’re not alone in this comrade.

Bella ciao

True that, Comrade. I knew that before I swore an oath to the Communist movement. Sometimes I just feel weaker than others I suppose. Thank you for reminding me what’s important, I guess I just wanted someone else to say it to me, haha.

It’s this or accepting literal apocalypse



My primary form of expression is through my labor. It’s something I’m trying to base more of my life around. I don’t care about the stupid metrics capitalism puts out for us. I care about what I do with my body and my connections to other people.

If you live in the US it’s probably advisable to get a gun and become at least somewhat proficient with it, as well as familiarizing yourself with your local self-defense laws.


That legal stuff and deafness of guns would be a pain in the ass though. I’d rather use a spear and bow.

Go under cover and talk to some right wingers somewhere like at a store. They’ll tell you where to get the guns. It may involve crossing state lines.

Sounds like PCUSA should think about forming a Security Committee. The question every American communist needs to ask themselves right now is not “Am I willing to die for the cause?” We should all be thinking about what we are willing to do to bring Communism into the world. Are you willing to live for the cause? Are you willing to make sure the other guy’s cause doesn’t come into being? Buy a gun and start training. The war is already here.

KiG V2

I’ve been paranoid most of my life, it doubled when I got my ass beat and it doubled again when I became a communist. Though I’ve sort of let go to stay sane and not boil my brain cells.

I am full stealth because honestly, where I am in my life, I don’t think I am doing communism any favors by being seen as a representative of it. Maybe I’m wrong idk. I definitely would like a small pistol at the very least before I think about being loud and proud about it. I would also want to put some bumper stickers on my car but I live in an apartment and don’t need people stabbing my tires or breaking my windows when I’m sleeping far away from my car out in the open.

Ironically one of the tattoos I want to get in the future is a face tattoo of a little hammer and sickle right by the corner of my eye, so that there’s no denying what I am, it’s literally on my face (also part of a bigger scheme but I digress). But yeah definitely not at that stage of my life yet.

Comrades should live in proximity. When I’m older I’ll invite people around…

“I refuse to hide” well…marx and co. told that you shouldn’t hide your intentions, but there’s no need to go around looking for unnecessary fights. giving communist arguments in a political charged convo is pretty hard like it is. “I’m sort of asking for it” you’re pretty much asking for it. let the communism only for debates and political action mostly imo “but part of me just wants to go stealth, but doing so would be against my principles” i mostly limit my communism when i have to counterargument reactionary talk points and /pol/celism “Part of my job is being visibly a Communist” what do you do?

Its not paranoia if the risk is objectively real. I guess the best you can do is be prepared as well as you can (especially mentally).

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