Not sure where to even put this when technology, privacy, geopolitics, xenophobia, and dystopian doom porn come together. It is a fable to say this would not be any authoritarian organisation’s dream come true. It could also very well be an opening bid on a moderated multinational version which is s…

Has anybody tried microG without signature spoofing?

I’m thinking about uninstalling Play services (it’s disabled atm) and installing microG but since it’s a stock rom there is no signature spoofing. …

Lots of people have been spreading the often-unnecessary advice to add a Permissions-Policy response header to their sites to opt-out of Google’s FLoC, and some have been going so far as to ask FLOSS maintainers to patch their software to make this the default. When discussions got heated to the poi…

should we really trust Tor?

what do you think?..

Smart TV suddenly stopped looking up tracking domains. Is this bad?

We have a family Samsung smart TV that is configured to use my Pihole instance as its DNS. When it was first set up, it looked up a blocked Samsung domain every few seconds whenever it was on (this is with ACR tracking “disabled” in the settings). Now it doesn’t anymore, but I still get activity fro…

A classic film looking the #deathcult in the eye and prodding the #fahernistas that worship without thought…

New Mobile Billboard in London Today …


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