Seems pretty interesting. It is a platform to easily create custom workflow apps, apparently with the public sector as the primary target? …

Open-Source Self-Hosted Online Radio?

I found AzuraCast but it seems that it doesn’t work wit FireFox and Safari, but only with chrome to listen to music, and the DJ is a bit weird to use. I also found BottledRadio but have no experience on how it works. Any other one you may know of or can advise how to solve/work with the ones above?..

G-wolves announced they will launch an open source programmable wireless mouse

Not many details on this one (if the entire mouse will be open source, including schematics or only the firmware), but still a huge fucking step for everyone, specially for modders and users outside of Windows (finally we´ll be able to have their mice be compatible with projects like Piper, for exam…

I had never heard of this audio ripper Asunder, though it appears to exist for many years (I usually sticked to k3b which I know from Knoppix live cds many years ago). It is available via Flatpak. The article also mentions problems with cd info lookups, and offers an alternative for that…

How to make a CDN

I am not really sure if its even possible, but is there some kind of Open-Source Self-Hosted CDN software? I’m new to this so please don’t bully me on the comments…

October CMS goes commercial, will become proprietary

"However, we will also be moving to a new business model to ensure the continuity and sustainability of October CMS. October CMS will become a proprietary product and the licensing model is to be changed. Under these changes, October CMS will no longer be a free platform. …

The python program eg can quickly show the example parts of manual pages in color…

RGB lights whose software is open source & privacy respecting?

Hi all, I was looking to buy RGB lights, particularly something like the Philips Hue Light bar. …

A new release of…



I found this GitHub project recently but I can’t seem to put it working, it gives me some package.json error, any help? or are there any alternatives?..


Statement of FSF board on election of Richard Stallman — Free Software Foundation — Working together for free software

As we work on these issues, let’s not forget the purpose of our movement, or the great work of our staff and all the good people of the free software community who are dedicated to users’ freedom…

Hey FOSS people, does anyone know if there is an alternative to Tapet app but open source? …


Cryptogalaxy is an app which will get any cryptocurrencies ticker and trade data in real time from multiple exchanges and then saves it in multiple storage systems. …

All about open source! Feel free to ask questions, and share news, and interesting stuff!

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